Reseller Hosting

What Is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting offers you the opportunity to set up your own web hosting business, design firm, agency or IT company— all under your own brand name. When you sign up for a reseller hosting account, you purchase an amount of disk space and bandwidth, which you may then divvy up and ‘resell’ to your own clients. You choose the account limits, space, and price you want to offer your clients – in other words, you’re in control! Reseller hosting offers a number of benefits. If you are a web developer, you can host all of your own websites under one reseller account. You can sell web hosting services to your own client base. You can give web hosting accounts away to friends and family. A reseller account works in a number of different scenarios. With reseller hosting, you really can operate a web hosting business without investing in expensive infrastructure, servers, bandwidth, and IT staff. It’s a great way to make a profit with relatively little risk or financial outlay!

How Do I Setup A Reseller Account?

After you select and purchase your reseller account, you will have access to Plesk Web Host Manager (PWHM), which is your centralized reseller control panel. Through this interface, you will be able to easily create and manage packages for your clients. Your clients will have access to a Plesk user control panel of their own, through which they can create and maintain their own websites and email. AKLWEB Host provides all resellers with an excellent startup guide, which will walk you through the steps involved in setting up your account. And our PapaSquad support team is here for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

How Many Domains Can I Host Under One Reseller Account?

You can host an unlimited number of domains, for as many clients as you’d like. The only limitation comes from the amount of disk space and bandwidth you have purchased with your reseller account. Individual account sizes and limits will be up to you to manage. If you need more space or bandwidth at any time, simply contact us to upgrade your account.

Will AKLWEB Host Branding Be Visible To My Clients?

Not at all. You can add your own branding and position yourself as your own web hosting service provider, design firm or agency. In fact, your clients need never know that you are a AKLWEB Host customer. You may do this by specifying your own domain for the private nameservers.

If One Of My Clients Has A Problem, Who Does He/She Contact?

As a reseller, you provide support for your clients. You are responsible for all communications between yourself and your hosting clients – you are, after all, the business owner! You will have the ability to build your website, set up your plans and pricing, install scripts, and fix certain aspects of your clients’ sites. Of course, AKLWEB Host support is available, 24/7 to support you, the reseller. You may contact us any time for high-level technical or server issues. AKLWEB Host is responsible for providing you with the disk space, bandwidth, and features you need to resell, and we are always happy to help you with issues related to these items.

How Is Billing Handled?

You are responsible for collecting payment from your clients, in the method of your choosing. Most AKLWEB Host reseller packages do include professional billing software, which you may take advantage of. We will bill you automatically according to the terms and billing cycle you chose when you signed up. (For example, if you selected a monthly payment option, we will bill you monthly, starting on the date you signed up.)

Is The Reseller Hosting White Label? Can I Have Private Name Servers?

Yes, our reseller hosting service is 100% white label. Our servers are designed to be completely anonymous and allow you full branding capabilities. You’ll also be able to create your own private name servers such as &

How Will I Register Domains For My Customers?

AKLWEB Host provides you with an eNom Domain Reseller account which will allow you to register .com, .net, .org plus 1000+ more TLD’s. You will also be able to integrate eNom into your web hosting billing system to automate the provisioning of domain names for your customers.

Will You Transfer My Website From My Existing Web Host? Is There A Limit?

AKLWEB Host offers customers that are transferring from another web hosting provider our free migration service. There is a limit of 30 Plesk or cPanel accounts under our free service. For full details, view our Migration Policy.

What’s The Difference Between Reseller Hosting And Your Affiliate Program?

With reseller hosting, you essentially set up your own web hosting business, with AKLWEB Host working behind the scenes to provide the technology. Our affiliate program, on the other hand, allows you to refer clients directly to AKLWEB Host in exchange for a commission of up to $125 per signup. Reseller hosting is a good option if you prefer ongoing income and want to offer more services to your clients. If you don’t want to worry about providing technical support for the customer and just wish to send referrals from your own website, our affiliate program may be a better fit for you.

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